Uluru Yoga Adventure

An adventurous and spiritual journey to the heart of Australia with an amazing group of your soon-to-be best friends. We will be experiencing the raw elements and energy of nature as we hike, camp, and explore our way across the outback. 

Trip Highlights:

  • Guided outdoor yoga classes at places such as Uluru, Kings Canyon, and the Finke River.

  • Sleep under the brilliant outback stars around a campfire.

  • Walk the base of Uluru and learn about Anangu culture on an idigneous guided walk (covid restrictions dependant).

  • Hike the spectucular Kings Canyon and meditate in the Garden of Eden.

  • Cool off with a swim in many stunning oasis waterholes.

  • Summit Mount Sonder, the incredibly beautiful 4th highest peak in the NT (1380m).

The Details:

Duration: 6 days

Dates: Returning in 2023!

Start: Uluru or Alice Springs

Finish: Alice Springs

Group size: 16



  • Camp gear: swag, sleeping bag, tent. 

  • Transport to all destinations.

  • All meals: 5 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners; plus lots of yummy snacks.

  • 5 yoga classes lead by an experienced yogi.

  • Yoga mat.

  • Field of lights entrance pass.

  • Aborigional guided walk at Uluru.

  • National park passes & campsite fees.

  • 2 qualified and experienced local guides.

What to bring: 

  • Day clothes (temps will be around 25°) shorts and shirt will be fine in the day.

  • Warm jacket and warm pants – night time temperatures can drop to 0°. I would suggest a padded winter jacket, a long sleeve shirt, track pants and warm tights.

  • Swimmers- if you would like to swim in the water holes.

  • Hiking shoes- sneakers are okay, but there will be some rough terrain, so make sure they are sturdy.

  • Sandals/thongs

  • Hat

  • Toiletries (don’t forget chapstick and moisturiser – its dry here!)

  • Camera/gopro

  • Chargers

  • Battery pack

  • Head torch and spare batteries (a must!!!)

  • Fly net

  • Day pack

  • Water bottles or camelback

  • Travel pillow

  • Towel



All of our yoga classes will be at a beginner level and no experience is required. Yoga is an amazing practise for your body, mind and soul; no level of flexibility or fitness is required, you participate to your own capabilities! 



This is an active trip involving a hike every day plus general walking around the campsites and destinations. However, we always take hikes at a reasonable pace and have plenty of breaks to catch our breath, we are here to enjoy nature and this experience - not to push ourselves to our physical limits! To make the most out of this trip a reasonable level of fitness is required to enjoy all the hikes, but you may choose to sit out on a particular activity at any time if you feel you want to rest at the camp or a nearby safe spot such as a cafe or information center. 

The hikes: 

Uluru base walk - 10km (or 5km half). Flat easy path. 

Valley of the Winds - 7.4km. Moderate varying/uneven terrain, some steep inclines and stairs. 

Kings Canyon Rim Walk - 6.5km. Moderate varying/unever terrain, some steep inclines and stairs.

Ormiston gorge ghost gum walk - 2.5km easy path, some stairs.

Mount Sonder - Moderate/hard. 17km, uneven ground, not as steep as you think!! The path to the summit of Sonder begins with the hardest part first, several sets of man made stairs to get you up the steepest part. It then flattens out and becomes a much more gradual incline to the top along a dirt/rock trail. It will take us approximately 4 hours up and 2.5 hours down. There will be many breaks to catch our breath and have a drink. Please do not feel like you are going to slow the group down, we are in this together and we will support each other to reach the summit!

Meeting point:


The first thing to know: there are TWO airports in this area, Uluru (Connellan airport) and Alice Springs (ALS airport). They are 500km's apart. This tour begins at Uluru, however due to limited flight paths it may benefit you to fly into Alice Springs, this is okay but you must book your flight the day BEFORE the begining of the tour or earlier and book accomodation in Alice Springs for that night. I will then pick you up from your accomodation at 6am on the morning of the tour and we will drive to Uluru where we will meet the remainder of the group who are flying into Uluru airport at 1pm. For everyone flying into Uluru please book a flight landing before 2pm on the (almost all flights land between 10am-1pm).

Finish point:


This trip will finish in Alice Springs at aproximately 5pm on the last day of the tour. So you will want to book a nights accomodation in Alice Springs and fly out on the following day. There is currently no regular or cheap shuttle service going between Alice Springs and Uluru so you wont be able to return to Uluru to fly out from that airport.