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Whitsundays Sailing Adventure

We all know how relaxing going to the beach is, lying in the warm sand listening to the sound of crashing waves and then plunging under the water and feeling a rush of tingles as the refreshing water washes over your skin.


Well imagine this all day, every day, living ON the ocean! This is what sailings all about. Tuning in to the tides, moon cycles, weather, and wind to enjoy life traveling from island to island on a boat. It evokes deep connection with nature, and forces you to be present as life is happening right here in front of you! (Having no phone reception deffinetly helps with this too!)

On this trip you'll explore the Whitsundays with like-minded Wild Women making once in a life time memories, learning to sail, camping on Whitehaven Beach, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, hiking island trails and practising yoga. You will return home feeling grounded and relaxed!

Trip Highlights:

  • Explore the famous Whitsunday Islands and UNESCO’s World Heritage Great Barrier Reef by sailing on a 73ft ex-racing yacht! How many people can say that?!

  • Enjoy one night of camping in the white sands of the one-and-only Whitehaven Beach. The perfect spot to swim, relax and, of course, to get your cameras out!

  • Challenge yourself by bush-walking and hiking some of the island's best view points: Hill Inlet Lookout and South Whitehaven lookout.

  • Daily Yoga & Pilates classes on the beach that will leave you feeling relaxed, grounded, and connected to your inner being and your surroundings.

  • Go Snorkelling on the fringing reef surrounding the Whitsundays AND the Outer Great Barrier Reef. This is a real privilege - trust us!

  • With 6 full days, you have plenty of time to explore, relax and not be rushed. We recommend you bring a book and/or journal to use in your free time.

  • Despite the boat having many comforts like rain & sun shades, hot showers, USB charging stations and snorkel/swimming suits, do not expect luxurious cruise-like travelling. This is the real pirate experience!

  • We are proud to say that by choosing to travel with us, you are engaging in conscious tourism, as sailing is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to explore the Whitsunday Islands.

The Details

Duration: 6 days

Dates: June 4 - 9, 2024.

Start & Finish: Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach, QLD.

Group size: 16

Host: Meg




  • Daily breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner & dessert while on the charter.

  • Tea, coffee, milo & filtered water (BYO alcohol & other beverages, )

  • Daily Yoga & Pilates classes. We will also provide you with yoga mats.

  • Experienced sailing crew that will not only boat you safely through the open waters of the reef, but will also teach you the basic principles of sailing.

  • Snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel & suit – we provide thicker suits in the winter months).

  • Camping gear for the Whitehaven Beach camping experience (tents & sleeping bags).

  • Comfy bed, pillow and bed linen.

  • All Marine Park fees are included with your purchase.

  • USB charging stations, sun and rain shades, hot showers & mats to sleep on the deck if falling asleep to shooting stars and waking up with the light and warmth of the tropical sun is your thing.


  • This is a moderate-active trip involving short walks every day (3-6kms), swimming, snorkelling, Yoga and Pilates.

  • All the activities have been perfectly designed to adapt to all fitness levels, so you have no excuse not to participate! :P

  • Yoga classes will be conducted at Beginners level - thus, no previous experience is required. Variations and progressions will be offered to cater to  more advanced practitioners.



Accommodation on Broomstick is in dormitory style cabins/sections below deck. 

Start & Finish location:


This unique adventure tour departs from Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach @ 10:00 a.m. and returns on the last day at approximately 3:30 p.m. 


If you are arriving before to Airlie Beach or staying a bit longer after the trip, we are more than happy to provide you with recommendations on where to stay, whether that be nearby hostels or private accommodations like hotels and Airbnb’s.

What to Pack:


Considering that this trip is taking place in the summer and that we will be most of the time out at sea or at the beach, your biggest assets to pack will be, for sure, swimsuits and bikinis (what a life!). Add a pair of shorts, a couple of fresh shirts or tops and a sundress and you are sweet to go. Also, keep in mind that it can get quite windy when sailing, and also a bit chilly when the sun goes down. Therefore, we recommend bringing a cozy, warm sweater or jacket to keep you nice and warm.


Activewear should also be added to your ‘what to pack’ list, as you will need it for the Yoga lessons and the hiking days. We suggest a pair of biker shorts or leggings, a sports bra, sports shirt and running or hiking shoes.


In addition, we suggest bringing a towel, reef-friendly sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, hat, sandals/thongs, toiletries and any prescribed medicines. There are absolutely no shops around the islands, so please make sure you pack important items or treats before arriving at the Marina.


*** Please note that we have VERY LIMITED space on the boat, so please be mindful about the size of your bag. We kindly ask you to only bring one bag each, not bigger than a woolies / tote sized bag. If you have larger luggage, you can either leave it at one of the hostels in Airlie Beach or hire a storage service at Prosail’s office.



Broomstick is a BYO vessel - Yay! Party time!


What this means, is that you are able to (and should!) bring your own alcohol onto the boat. However, due to safety reasons, no glass containers are allowed. Please make sure that all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are put away in appropriate containers before boarding the boat.


Filtered drinking water is included throughout your tour. You are welcome to bring a water bottle and fill it up as many times as you need. It’s important to keep hydrated, especially when being exposed to the sun all day!

Inexperienced Swimmers/Snorkellers:

If swimming is not your strength do not worry, we’ve got you covered! Broomstick is packed with plenty of swimming noodles and additional floatation equipment if you require. 


Following health and safety guidelines, we will conduct a risk assessment on every guest prior to entering the water. While in the water, we will have staff on look-out duty as well a small tender relatively close by in case of emergency. On the Whitsundays, the reefs we visit are right off the beaches, so it is pretty easy to make our way to the beach. We can assure your survival plus many stories to tell your grandkids!

Large Luggage:

Large bags cannot be taken on-board.  Storage services are available at our office 


Given that sailing is an activity that relies heavily on weather conditions, we cannot provide you with a set itinerary for this particular tour. Each day will be planned around the tides, winds and swells, as well as the group’s desires.


Below is an example of what we could offer and where we could go in one day. Please note that, no matter what the conditions are, we will ALWAYS visit Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout and multiple snorkelling locations. Add in some hiking, bush-walking, camping, Yoga and, of course… loads of SAILING!

  • Every day we will have a fun and dynamic Yoga lesson taught by Meg in a beautiful island location. 

  • We will visit up to 6 snorkel sites. We will choose the best site and timings based on the weather and tides out of the following locations: Blue Pearl Bay – Cockatoo Point – Black Island – Langford Reef – Caves Cove – Butterfly Bay – Luncheon Bay – Manta Ray Bay – Mackerel Bay -Peters Bay – Saba Bay – Cateran Bay.

  • Swim and snorkel in the OUTER REEF! (weather permitting). And maybe give fishing a try too!

  • Explore the North and South end of Whitehaven Beach, visiting two different lookouts: Hill Inlet Lookout and South Whitehaven Lookout.

  • Bush-walks that range from 20 minutes to 3 hours from the following list: The Cairn, Whitsunday Island-Whitsunday Peak, Whitsunday Island – Border Island – Chance Bay to South Whitehaven, Whitsunday Island – Chalkie’s Lookout, Haslewood Island – Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitsunday Island – Nara Inlet Trail, Hook Island – Hayman Island Track – Passage Peak, Hamilton Island – South Molle Island.

  • Enjoy the sunset in the most magical settings: – Langford Island Sand Spit – Scrubhen Beach, Hook Island – Chalkie’s Beach, Haslewood Island

  • In the evenings, we will chill on deck with our crew and your new friends, have a few drinks, stargaze and then let the calm water gently rock you to sleep.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • SPECIAL COVID-19 CANCELLATION POLICY: If any passenger cannot make the tour departure date due to Government travel restrictions surrounding COVID-19, we will issue full credit or a refund minus the booking deposit.  Please inform us as soon as you are aware that you cannot make the tour. Proof of travel restriction on the tour departure date will need to be supplied. 

  • We reserve the right to substitute vessels without notice at any time for any reason.  

  • All charters are subject to weather and the vessel operator’s discretion. 

  • We recommend you take out travel insurance covering illness, injury, loss of personal goods and the inability to travel due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances. This is an adventure product and clients should note that adventure travel involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard guests, we cannot be responsible for any damage, personal injury or loss due to the actions of passengers that are beyond our control.  

  • If travelling to Airlie Beach by road, please allow extra time to travel during the wet season (Dec-May) as we occasionally have road closures due to flooding.  

  • At certain times of the year, rare but ‘dangerous’ jellyfish inhabit these waters and passengers should take care for their own safety. Passengers entering the water do so at their own risk and the owner of the vessel will not be liable for any personal injury, illness, death or any other consequences whatsoever of passengers being stung by jellyfish. To minimise this risk, you will be provided with a full-length protective ‘Snorkel Suit’ to wear whilst swimming and snorkelling during the tour.  

  • We shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for any injury to person or property which is suffered or sustained by any passenger as a result of participating in any of its sailing adventures, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.  

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