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What to expect on a WWJ trip..


The Adventure-mobile

Most WWJ trips we will travel in our awesome 4wd adventure bus. It has great air-con, comfy seats and takes 15 passengers. Your luggage will be stored in the trailer which you can access at any time, and you can also bring small bags into the seating area.


Group Participation

On our trips we like to think of it as travelling together as friends; so we all help out to cook meals, set up the camp site, and do the dishes together. Team work makes the dream work and gives us heaps more time for all the fun stuff! 


WWJ trips are aimed at young solo female travellers, however we have no age limit, if you are young at heart and have the spirit for adventure you are most welcome! 


Most of our trips involve alot of camping. It doesnt matter if you have never camped before, that just means it will be an even more fun experience for you as it is your first time, and I promise you'll love it! You can expect to mostly be sleeping in a swag, however we have tents just incase it rains. Usually we choose campsites which do have toilet facilities, however not always. 

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