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Snow & Flow

Ladies... you better start getting those layers on, because we are going to the snow!


Wild Women Journeys is heading to Australia's Snowy Mountains this winter for a week of fun on the slopes, where your snowboard and your skis will be your unconditional, best friends! If this is your first time trying any of these snow sports, do not worry a thing - we've got you covered! We have contacted the wildest female ski instructors out in the mountain to teach you the fundamentals of skiing in a safe and supportive environment. Otherwise… Let's roll!


We can't promise you won't be sore after spending all day out and about in the snow, but what we can promise you is a nice and cozy accommodation to arrive to, nourishing comfort food that adapts to all dietary requirements, cups of hot chocolate by the fireplace (or wine... or both!) and a much-needed, restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Meditation to heal the body and the mind from our busy lives. We will also challenge ourselves with a Wim Hoff breath & ice-bath experience that will most definitely get us out of our comfort zones (that’s what WWJ life is all about after all!) Finish that up with a BackCountry hiking adventure where you will hike the highest peak in Australia, Mt. Kosciuszko, guided by the leading females in this industry. This trip is, without a doubt, the perfect balance between wholesome & wild, and definitely an adventure that you won't forget!


Does this sound like you? Then come onboard! We have 10 spots available for the Wildest Women out there!


Winter Adventure

The Details

Duration: 6 days

Date: 22 - 27 August 

Location: Perisher Valley

Group size: 10

Hosts: Fernanda & Meg

Cost: Vary (depending on room). See below       



This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE adventure. From your snuggly bed every night, to your morning coffee, your ski pass and all your ski gear. All the way to your daily food & snacks, your transport around the Perisher Valley and your yoga & meditation sessions. And, you know what the best part is….?


FREE (warm & loving) HUGS !!!!!!! We bet you can't find that anywhere else 😉. Here’s more:


  • 6-day / 5-night accommodation in a charming property nestled in the beautiful Thredbo Valley

  • All meals included: breakfast, lunch & dinner (+ snacks & warm drinks).

  • Daily Yoga‚ Breathwork & Meditation classes.

  • Unique Sound Healing sessions with Quartz Crystal Bowls.

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony with special guest.

  • EPIC ski pass + access to ski lifts & slopes.

  • Neon night Ski & Snowboarding experience.

  • Ski & Snowboard equipment hire (skis‚ board‚ boots).

  • Ski & Snowboard clothes & gear: ski pants‚ ski jacket‚ helmet‚ etc.

  • Private transport to and from Canberra / Perisher. Also includes transport to and from the Ski slopes and all the surrounding areas.

  • Transformative Wim Hof Breathwork & Ice Bath experience w/ the famous Leah Scottie.

  • Evening Gin tasting + Platters at the Wildbrumby Gin Distillery

  • Backcountry expedition to Australia’s highest mountain peak: Mt. Kosciuszko! - Includes Snowshoe equipment hire, lift pass & female guide / instructor.


Optional (extras):


  • Ski / Snowboard lessons (pre-book with us).

  • Private Yoga & Pilates classes.

  • Natural skin care & cosmetics consult with specialist + products.



We will be staying at Bimberdong, a charming 4 bedroom property nestled in the Thredbo Valley, close to Wild Brumby Distillery. Located in Crackenback in the New South Wales region, Bimberdong features a wide terrace and mesmerising garden views. This cozy accommodation is located 19 km from Thredbo and 11 km from the heart of Jindabyne. The apartment is equipped with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a flat-screen TV, heating system (essential), an indoor fireplace and a spacious kitchen and living room area to chill & relax.

The rooms:

Queen Room

Early Bird Discount (10% off before 24/07): $3240 p.p 

Original cost: $3599

  • Quantity: 2

  • Features 1 Queen Bed (2 people / room)

  • Share with a friend (or a soon-to-be friend!)

  • Enjoy body warmth + save up some $$$ 😉


4-Share Room

Early Bird Discount (10% off before 24/07): $3330 p.p 

Original cost: $3699

  • Quantity: 1

  • Features 2 bunk beds (4 people / room)


Twin-Share Room

Early Bird Discount (10% off before 24/07): $3420 p.p 

Original cost: $3799

  • Quantity: 1

  • Features 2 single beds (2 people / room)

* Obtain your Early Bird discount using the code: SNOWFLOW10 upon checkout.

** If you are an EPIC PASS holder and / or already have your own ski clothes & equipment‚ send us an e-mail at to enquire about discounted rates.



  • Ski / Snowboard


This is a beginners level ski and yoga trip, you don't need to have any experience skiing or snowboarding whatsoever. Perhaps this is your first time in the snow - how exciting is that!? For that, we have created a super welcoming and open space for you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new with like-minded girls. You can also pre-book ski lessons with us to ensure you get the most out of this ski trip!


All other levels are also welcome! Intermediate and advanced ski & snowboard girls can benefit from this snow trip by hitting the slopes at their own pace.

  • Yoga


  • All of our yoga classes will be at Beginner level, so no previous experience is required. Yoga is an amazing and inclusive practice for your body, mind and soul - no level of flexibility or fitness is necessary, just listen to your body and participate to your own capabilities! 

  • Variations and progressions will be offered to cater to more advanced practitioners.

Getting there:

We will all meet at Bimberdong property in the Perisher Valley on the 22nd of August, check-in time being at 4:00 p.m. To get here, you have 2 options:


  1. Perisher is located almost half way between two main cities: Sydney and Melbourne. From Sydney it is approximately a 5-hour drive, and from Melbourne, 7 hours. If you are visiting us from either city or one of its surrounding areas we highly recommend you to hop on your car and make an epic little road trip out of it! The NSW / Victoria hinterland is an incredible, rugged environment full of hidden, secret little spots for you to enjoy along the way

  2. If you are making your way to Perisher from any other part of the country (or if you don’t want to drive), your best option is to fly straight into Canberra, which is the closest airport to Perisher. From there, it is approximately a 2.5 hour drive to get to our beautiful snowy accommodation. If you decide upon this option, we offer transport to and from Canberra / Perisher at no extra cost (included in the price). Just let us know ​your flight and/or accommodation details and we will arrange appropriate pick-up for you. 

What to Pack:



    • Ski / Snowboard hire

    • Boots

    • Helmet

    • Ski pants 

    • Ski jacket


  • We will kindly ask you to let us know whether you prefer to ski or snowboard to pre-book the appropriate equipment for you. 

  • We will also request your shoe & clothing approximate size to pre-book that as well. We will head into the rental shop on our first day out to try on all the gear, with the option to change if sizes don’t fit correctly, so do not worry too much about this.

  • If you prefer to bring your own clothes & equipment - please feel free to do so! The service we provide is just to make your life & travel arrangements easier, but you are more than welcome to bring your personal gear.



    • Comfortable tracksuits / joggers 

    • Mid layer fleece and/or jumpers

    • Jacket- ski jacket or breathable waterproof shell is fine, nice and long to cover your butt is the best :)

    • Beanie

    • Long‚ warm socks 

    • Gloves (preferably mittens)

    • Thermals

    • Scarf & fleece buff for your neck

    • Leggings and a long sleeved t shirt

    • Goggles - they're for when it's really snowing or when you get speed going down. Otherwise normal sunglasses are fine. You can get good quality second hand ones on the FB marketplace.


If you have any further questions on what to pack or where to buy the best price / value winter gear, send us a message and we will be more than happy to help you out!


  • The following itinerary is an accurate estimate of the activities that we will be doing during the trip. These activities, as well as the times, may vary due to weather conditions or by common consent of the group. At Wild Women Journeys, we don’t like to set things on stone, as we believe that traveling should be a mindful activity that adapts to our present feelings and requirements. We like to leave some room for unpredictability and spontaneity! That’s what life is all about at the end of the day. 😊


DAY 1: MONDAY‚ 22/08/2022



  • We will all meet up in the Canberra City Center at 12:00 p.m (midday). You will be picked up individually from your accommodation / airport.

  • Then, we will head down to Perisher all together, where we will get to witness the change in scenery (snow!!!) in this epic 2-hour drive.

  • Check-in in our home sweet home for the week is at 4:00 p.m. We will allocate you into your rooms and allow for some time to get settled into your new‚ temporary home.

  • We will inaugurate the trip with a Welcome Women’s Circle, where we will do a brief introduction of ourselves to get to know us a bit more. This is an essential activity as a lot of you travel solo‚ and it could potentially match you to your new best buddy!

  • Afterwards, we will have our first Yoga Flow. This session will focus on muscle activation, release of physical and emotional tensions, breathing awareness & mind stillness - all the necessary tools to get our minds & bodies ready for the upcoming days in the Snowy Mountains.

  • Dinner will be served after that, followed by a nice, warm cuppa tea before bed.

  • Early rest & digest night…  It's a big day tomorrow!


DAY 2: TUESDAY 23/08/2022



  • Early bed gets the worm! We will wake up our bodies at 6:00 a.m. with a stretchy morning Yoga session at home.

  • Brekkie, coffee & tea will be waiting for you as you bring your awareness back into our beautiful space and out of Yoga world.

  • Time to get ready… Let's hit the slopes!!! But first, we will do a pit-stop at the Ski Rentals to try on and choose our ski / snowboard clothes & equipment for the duration of the trip. We are aiming to leave at 7:30 a.m.

  • All the newbies that have pre-booked ski lessons will begin their class at 9:30 a.m. The more advanced skiers will head out with Fernanda & Meg out into the mountains for a few hours of fun (& falls!).

  • We will all meet at approximately 1:30 p.m for lunch. We will have yummy sandwiches and snacks for you, but there is also the option to grab a nice meal and drinks at the restaurant up in the mountains!

  • After lunch, you will have the option to continue skiing / riding or relax at the pub if you are feeling tired.

  • At 5:00 p.m we will all meet at the “The Man from Snowy River” to have drinks & a yummy dinner before heading out to…

  • NEON NIGHT SKIING AND BOARDING! Yes, you heard correctly! The Mountain Dew Neon Night skiing and boarding is one of the most incredible events that take place in Perisher. We are very lucky we got to take part in it on our very first day!! We will be there from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. The girls that pre-booked classes will also have lessons tonight!

  • We will then drive back home then, just in time for a hot shower, a cup of tea and some nourishing dinner.

  • I can assure we will all be pretty exhausted and ready for bed after this. What a day! Are you ready for more?

DAY 3: WEDNESDAY 24/08/2022



  • Yesterday was just the warm up… let’s do this again! 7:00 a.m. Rise & Shine to a nourishing brekkie, coffee & tea.

  • We will aim to leave the house by 8:00 a.m. No stop at the rentals today as we will already have all the ski gear with us at home - yay!

  • We will drive into Perisher for another fun day of skiing on the slopes. Beginners will begin their lessons at 9:00 a.m and the rest will go out flying solo!

  • We will all meet for lunch at 1:00 p.m. today in the mountains. Location will be communicated on the day.

  • After replenishing our energies, we will continue our ski / snowboard day until 4:00 p.m. Beginners will go on with their ski lessons, and the rest of the group will head out with Fernanda & Meg.

  • Should we commemorate these days in the snow!? Yep… we thought so! We will head into the town’s Pub “The Man from Snowy River” for a round of beers or drinks of your choice. Cheers!

  • We will drive back home then, just in time for a hot shower, a cup of tea and some yummy biscuits.

  • Get warm and cozy ladies... you are in for a treat! We will have a special guest that will guide us through a Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Meditation. Is there any more perfect way to wind down after a full-day out and about? We don’t think so.

  • We will then have our second Women’s Circle of the trip, where we will share our highlights and gratitudes of the day.

  • Dinner will be served after that, as well as more warm tea and some nibbles.

  • Another big day is gone. Time to give our bodies some rest!


DAY 4: THURSDAY 25/08/2022



  • Today we will take a break from the slopes, allowing our bodies to rest and our muscles to recover from all the physical effort they have been doing for the past couple of days. We will have a bit of a sleep-in (wake up at 7:00 a.m.) compared to the previous days, enjoying a slower morning in our beautiful home.

  • We will then begin our physical rest day with a gentle Yoga flow at 7:30 a.m. followed by a grounding breathwork & guided meditation. This session will be the foundation for our MIND-BODY CHALLENGE day.

  • We will share a cup of warm coffee / tea / chocolate & brekkie by the fire. Departure time is at 9:15 a.m.

  • Without further ado… let’s get to it!  At 10:00 a.m. wwe will meet the one and only Leah Scottie from Wild Things Anatomy, who will guide us through a transformational Wim Hof Breathing Training & Meditation‚ followed by an Ice Bath Experience out in the stunning nature of the Perisher Valley. The tools of nature therapy, breathwork & cold exposure, will help us improve our health & wellbeing by reconnecting us to nature and rediscovering our inner wild thing.

  • To congratulate ourselves for overcoming this WILD experience,  at 2:30 p.m. we will head over to the famous Wildbrumby Gin Distillery located in the Thredbo Valley. We will spend the afternoon there indulging on a yummy lunch‚ antipasti platters, schnapps and of course… Gin tasting!

  • We will then head back home (only a 1 minute drive away!!!) to have some free time to relax (or keep drinking!) before dinner is served. 

  • We will then have a Sharing Circle around the fire before heading to bed, as we get ourselves ready for our last full day of the trip. 


DAY 5: FRIDAY 26/08/2022



  • Today is the last full day of the trip… Wait ... what!? Where did the time go!? They say time flies when you are having fun! We will begin our day at 7:00 a.m. with a rWe will begin our day at 6:30 a.m. with a nourishing brekkie & coffee before heading out on the last adventure of the trip!

  • We will then fuel our bodies with a nourishing brekkie & coffee before heading out on the last adventure of the trip!

  • Get ready for a journey to the top of Australia. One of the "Seven Summits" and a unique winter challenge: Mt Kosciuszko! Our full day of Snowshoeing all the way up to the highest peak in Australia begins at 8:00 a.m. and finishes around 4.30 p.m.. The expedition includes snowshoe hire, lift pass & wild female Backcountry instructor who will guide us in this expedition of a lifetime.

  • After this full-on adventure, we will head back home to get warm and replenish our energies with a well-deserved pasta night!. You will have some much-needed free time to chill and relax.

  • We will close up the trip with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony‚ Sound Healing Meditation & Sharing Circle around the fire. It will be a very special night, where a lot of feelings & emotions will arise, as we open our hearts to love and gratitude for all that we have experienced in the past days together as a family.

  • After all the physical & emotional demands of the day, we will be ready for an early night. :)


DAY 6: SATURDAY 27/08/2022



  • Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye…😔 What an amazing 6 days this has been! We will start our last day with a Yoga class at 7:00 a.m. to give our minds‚ bodies & spirits one last bit of love before departing.

  • You will then have some time to pack up (if you haven’t already) and get ready for check-out which will be at 10:00 a.m.

  • As we have our last brekkie together, we will have a closing Women's Circle, in the same way as we started the trip, sharing our personal experience, our highlights, inspirations and lessons to take onto our lives.

  • We will then hop on our vehicle and drive back to Canberra, where we will drop you off at your accommodation for the night or at the airport if you are flying out from the Canberra airport.

Thank you SO much for choosing to travel with Wild Women Journeys and supporting our small (but growing!) business, which encourages wild women like you to step out of their comfort zone and live their absolute BEST LIVES. We really hope you enjoyed this winter adventure and wish to see you on the next Wild Women Journey!

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