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Why We Adventure

Wild Women Journeys was created for all the women out there who want to go on crazy adventures and create stories that they will one day tell their grandchildren, but dont want to do it alone! Traveling can be one of the greatest ways to learn about the world, open our eyes to beauty of culture and landscapes, and grow as a person. It forces us to step outside our comfort zone into new places, new people and new experiences. This is where the magic happens, be brave, take the leap of faith and embrace your inner Wild Woman!


Travelling the world solo has been a daunting, and intense journey; but every story made, every experience ive had, has made me into the person I am today and I couldnt be happier. My desire for adventure has led me to the furthest corners of the continents, discovering my inner and outer world along the way.



If you're ready to live the wild traveller life youve always dreamed of, but just dont know where to begin or fancy going alone, take the leap of faith and join us on an epic journey! Find your soul tribe with a bunch of like-minded adventurous women and create memories you'll never forget. We support each other to push our comfort zones and create the most amazing memories, laughing along the way!

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