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Enchanting Soul of India

India, the jewel of the East, is a symphony of vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and melodic prayers that will leave an everlasting impression on you. Amidst bustling bazaars and serene ashrams, you can feel the pulse of life permeating in every corner, pulling you into the present moment.


Traveling to India is a transformative journey for all who brave wandering its lands. Its vibrant chaos and ancient wisdom have a way of challenging and expanding your perspectives and opening your mind to new possibilities. From the bustling metropolises to the tranquile remote villages, you'll witness the resilience and determination of its people, showing you the value of adaptability and the beauty of simplicity. India will make you reflect into the depths of yourself and your place in this world.

This journey will be a diverse and authentic experience delving into the culture of North India. We will be travelling over-land from the cities to the rural villages, marvelling at the ancient monuments, learning from wise gurus, tasting every curry and spice we can, walking through markets, practising yoga in ashrams, and learning about the history and culture of the local people. Our style of travel will be adventurous, but comfortable, staying in three star hotels and using a mixture of public trains and private cars/buses. It wouldnt be a trip to India without experienceing an over night sleeper train!

We will be accompanied by a professional female tour guide from India who will create an immersive experience for you to learn about Indian culture, and ensure the whole adventure goes smoothly and safely from start to finish. We like to think of all Wild Women Journeys trips like "traveling with friends". We have a relaxed approach to our itinerary so you never feel rushed, and there is plenty of free time for you to have moments to yourself of go for your own little adventures.


  • Walk the streets of Old Delhi, visiting markets and lap up the smells of Asia’s biggest Spice Market, Khari Baoli.

  • Explore the spiritual city of Rishikesh.

  • Travel with like-minded women who share your passion for adventure!

  • Delve into the philosophy and traditions of yoga and meditation whislt staying at an Ashram.

  • Visit the Beatles ashram in Rishikesh.

  • Witness the wonder of the Taj Mahal

  • Explore Jaipur, the Pink City via rickshaw ride.

  • Walk upon the ancient walls of the Amer Fort.

  • Marvel at temples in the holy city of Pushkar, one of the 5 main pilgrimage destintions in India.

  • Experience the colors, culture and folk dancing of Rajasthan.

The Details:

Duration: 15 days

Dates: January 4th - 18th, 2024.

Start & Finish: New Delhi, India.

Group size: 12 - 16

Price: $2700AUD





  • 14 nights accomodation in hotels.

  • Airport pickup and drop off in New Delhi.

  • All transport throughout the trip via trains, buses, and private cars.

  • Local female guide.

  • Yoga classes and workshops.

  • 14 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 5 Dinners.

  • Entry tickets to all destinations on itinerary including Taj Mahal, Amer Fort, and more.

Not Included:

  • Flights to New Delhi

  • Travel Insurance

  • Some lunches and Dinners (budget $5-$15 per meal)


January is one of the best months to travel North India as its the dry season, so there wont be any pesky monsoon's dampening our spirits, and the days wont be too hot! The temperatures in the day time will be a fresh 18 - 22 degrees, while night times can get colder to 10 degrees. So you will need to bring winter layers. 


India is a huge country, and even though we are only visiting the North we will be covering a lot of KM's in our journey! To make this travel time as enjoyable as possible, we will primarily be using the amazing network of trains which cover the countryside. This way you get to enjoy the view out the window, with the freedom to wander around the carriages, make use of the dinning carts, meet local people and experience how daily life operates in India. The trains in India have several "classes" and types of carriages, we will be travelling in the upper classes which have airconditioning and allocated seating, however no promises there might not be an animal or two on the train!

It also wouldnt be a complete trip to India without a night on a sleeper train. We will have one night where we will experience this for the longest leg of our journey from Udaipur back to Delhi. Sleeper trains are so much more comfortable than you might think, and a lot of fun! They are proper bunk beds with sheets, pillows and curtains; and at night the lights get dimmed and temperature controlled. They are safe and commonly used by travellers and locals alike.

We will also use some private cars and buses to take us between destinations and hotels, as well as the traditional Indian Rickshaw, which is possibly the most fun mode of travel! You wont be able to wipe the smile of your dile as you ride around in the backseat squished with your friends feeling the wind in your hair!

How to dress in India:

"All personal opinions and fashion preferences aside, the reality is that the clothing you wear in India will affect the way you're perceived by locals. India is still a male-dominated and mostly conservative society, with an equally conservative dress code in most parts of the country. Below are some handy tips:

  • Cover your shoulders, cleavage and thighs

  • Avoid wearing thin spaghetti strap tops, mini-skirts or shorts, and tight clothing – tight jeans are fine, as long as you wear a long, loose top or shirt over them

  • Only wear swimwear at the beach – and perhaps consider wearing a loose t-shirt over your swimwear when you're in a smaller, more remote destination

  • Opt for loose-fitting shirts, t-shirts, long dresses, knee-level or below-knee shorts, pants and skirts

  • Clothing made from linen or a linen blend is great to wear in hot weather 

  • Suss your surroundings and dress in a similar way – generally, touristy or modern cities like Mumbai are more liberal and relaxed when it comes to clothing than smaller towns and villages or holy places like Varanasi

  • If in doubt, always err on the side of modest when choosing your outfits – many travelers dress like a local and buy a few pairs of harem pants or tunics to wear not just while they're here, but also at home."

- Intrepid Travel

What to pack: 

  • Winter clothes (temps will be around 22° in day time and 10° minimum at night)

  • Enclosed comfy walking shoes

  • Sandals/ slip ons

  • Swimmers 

  • Hat

  • Toiletries

  • Camera/gopro

  • International adapter

  • Battery pack for long bus rides/trains

  • Water bottle - there will be safe refillable drinking water

  • Ear plugs - good for sleeping on trains/buses and in busy cities

  • Mosquito repellant

  • Sunscreen

  • Book

Notes for Packing:

You will need to be able to carry your luggage for short distances between hotels and sometimes up and down stairs, so the less you bring, the easier this will be. Generally, I would say try and keep your bag to about 15kg or less. You'll have a much or enjoyable experience if you dont feel so over-encumbered, and if you realise you havent brought enough, you can always buy more clothes there! Its far more common to regret bringing "too much" rather than "not enough".

Meeting point:


We will be meeting in New Delhi, India, on the 4th of January. You can book your flight arriving in on the 4th or earlier. We will be having our official "meet and greet" around 5pm on the 4th, so it would be good to arrive earlier than that to give you time to settle in. 

A driver will be waiting for you at New Delhi airport with your name on a card ready to bring you to the hotel. 

Finish point:


We will arrive back to New Delhi on the 18th of January and stay that night in a hotel, so you should book your exit flight on the 19th or later.



All tourists entering India require a Visa. You will need to obtain an e-Tourist Visa online before entering India (there is no visa on arrive). This application must be submitted at least 4 days before traveling as it takes time to process. I recommend doing it a few weeks in advance so you dont forget. 

There is only ONE official page for Indian visa, it is this:

There are other mirror websites and scam websites which offer visa services, dont use them.

The application process is simple and you can select either 30 day tourist visa or 1 year tourist visa. Just click 'apply here for e-visa' and follow the prompts. There is a small fee.

Covid Vaccines:

There is currently no requirement to be vaccinated or provide negative PCR test results to enter India.

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance is compulsary for this trip, you will need to send confirmation of your insurance to before the trip begins. There are lots of different companys offering travel insurance with different prices, so do some comparing and find the insurance which fits best for you. Make sure it includes surfing and medical assistance.


Day 1: Arrive to Delhi

Welcome to India! Let’s begin our adventure to India with its capital city Delhi! After arrival at the Delhi airport, you will be received by our representative who will arrange transfer for you to your hotel. Delhi is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India with extremely rich heritage. Its strategic location along the north-south, east-west route has given it a focal position in Indian history and many great empires have ruled from here for centuries making it historically prime location of India. Your adventurous experience begins with a welcome meeting with your tour leader in the evening at the hotel. After the meeting, head out for a nice welcome dinner with the group to enjoy the best Indian meal.

ACCOMMODATION Hotel taj princess or similar

Day 2: Old Delhi Sightseeing and Dinner with the local family

Start your day with a walking tour to Old Delhi. It is going to be a day full of adventure and local experiences . Get ready to take the metor and visit one of the historical Sikh Temples constructed in 18th century and walk down the narrow alleys of the Old Delhi market, Chandni Chowk to have a cup of Chai from a local street shop while soaking in the sights and senses of this incredible site. This morning we will learn about the religions, culture and history of India along with a rickshaw ride and Also visit Asia’s biggest Spice Market, Khari Baoli and explore a variety of flavours and aromas ofspices. Late afternoon, we will be enjoying a special unique experience by visiting a local Indian family for a dinner and learning more about local life. We will be visiting a suburb of Delhi and enjoying some cooking demonstration on how to cook Indian food and learn about Indian spices. Enjoy the end of the day enjoying the real Indian food.


MEALS: Breakfast & Dinner

ACCOMMODATION Hotel taj princess or similar

Day 3: Rishikesh

Get ready to travel to the Yoga Capital, Rishikesh. We will be travelling by one of the best trains to this beautiful city where the holy river ganges flows. It would be a journey of 4 hours till we reach the city and take transportation from Hardiwar to Rishikesh which is around an hour. The stunning city of ashrams, Rishikesh is a beautiful destination in Uttarakhand offering mind-blowing Ganga views. Set amid wild mountains, Risikesh is the spiritual and Yoga capital of India visited by solitude seekers from across the globe. We will be staying at a beautiful Ashram in Rishikesh where you would enjoy the lifestyle of Yogi. With all meals and yoga classes twice a week except Sunday, this place has a complete schedule that would introduce you to the Yogi Culture and roots of Hinduism. Unleash your inner self on these days of visit in Rishikesh.


MEALS: Breakfast Dinner


ACCOMMODATION 4 Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram and retreat or similar

Day 4: Rishikesh

After breakfast, we will do a city walk and visit the Beatles Ashram which would explain the western influence in the city and the influence of meditation this city have on the world. Then you would be back to Ashram for Lunch and enjoy the schedule.


MEALS: Breakfast Lunch Dinner


ACCOMMODATION Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram and retreat or similar

Day 5: Rishikesh

Follow the life of yogi and schedule of the ashram. Your tour leader would be planning a small walk in the evening to enjoy the evenings of Rishikesh as well.


MEALS: Breakfast Lunch Dinner


ACCOMMODATION Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram and retreat or similar

Day 6: Rishikesh - Agra


This morning we will take an early morning train to Agra which is also one of the good trains( comfortable seats, air conditioned and super safe). It will be a 7 hour journey. Reach the hotel, check in and enjoy the day at leisure.


MEALS: Breakfast


ACCOMMODATION Hotel Karan Vilas orsimilar


Day 7: Agra

After breakfast, we will be visiting the Agra fort and enjoying the markets and handlooms. During the sunset time we will visit the beautiful wonder of the world, Taj Mahal.


ACCOMMODATION Hotel Karan Vilas or similar


MEALS: Breakfast

Day 8: Jaipur

In the morning, get ready to travel to Jaipur, the pink city. It would be a journey of 4.5 hours and and the afternoon would be for you to rest and relax. We will be taking another good trains for that. We will be enjoying a rickshaw ride with female drivers in their pink rickshaws. Experiencing the busy market lanes, the lighted up albert hall museum and enjoying Chai would be one of the highlights of the day. It is a unique innovative initiative which aims to provide a new aspirational employment opportunity to 200 women from low income households in Jaipur. This is a special experience as you will meet these women who are breaking stereotypes and we support such causes. 6


MEALS Breakfast


ACCOMMODATION Hotel Utsav Niwas or similar

Day 9: Jaipur

Post breakfast, we will be visiting the beautiful Amer Fort this morning. This fort is also very popularly known as the Amber Palace. The Amer Fort was built in red sandstone and marble and the Maotha Lake adds a certain charm to the entire Fort. Though the fort is quite old and may even look so from the outside, it is beautiful on the inside and boasts of various buildings of prominence like the 'Diwan-i-Aam', the 'Sheesh Mahal' and even the 'Sukh Mahal'. The Amber Fort has influences of both Hindu and Muslim architecture. Get ready to visit this wonder. Jaipur is not only famous for huge forts and history but also for the traditional Jewellery and gemstones. Jaipur is one of India’s most famous cities, renowned for its stunning architecture and vibrant culture. But it is also known for being a hub for some of the finest gemstones in the world. For centuries, the city has been celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and its large variety of precious gemstones. You will learn more about those and enjoy workshops on Block printing.


MEALS: Breakfast


ACCOMMODATION Hotel Utsav Niwas or similar

Day 10: Pushkar

Today after breakfast, we will take a short train to Pushkar(2 hours). We will be taking a train to Ajmer and drive to Pushkar (40 to 50 mins). Home to more than 500 temples, Pushkar is one of India’s holiest cities. Enjoy a walk in the evening in the city near the lake. Pushkar is one of the most ancient cities of India. Located in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district in midst of Aravali range, Pushkar is often called tirtha-raj, which literally means the king of pilgrim sites. It is also among the five pilgrim sites or dhams for people following Hinduism. 7


MEALS: Breakfast


ACCOMMODATION Hotel New park or similar

Day 11: Pushkar

Today after breakfast, we will visit Savitri temple through cable cart from where you can spot the entire view of Pushkar. Then we will be walking the city in the daylight and learn more about the life in Pushkar. There are several temples in Pushkar and the most famous temple is the Brahma temple, which is one of the few temples dedicated to Brahma in the world. Pushkar is also famous for the Pushkar Lake, which has 52 ghats. Pilgrims from across the country visit the lake to take a dip in its holy water. Evening at leisure


MEALS: Breakfast


ACCOMMODATION Hotel New park or similar

Day 12: Udaipur

We will be taking a train to Udaipur( 5 hours) and reach the hotel by late afternoon. In the evening, we will be visiting a beautiful heritage haveli where you will be introduced to the real colors, culture and folk dancing of Rajasthan. This special folk dance is included in the tour and it will end up bringing great joy, learning and entertaining evening for you.


MEALS: Breakfast


ACCOMMODATION Hotel Little garden guest house orsimilar

Day 13: Udaipur

After breakfast, we will be visiting the mesmerizing City Palace, it is the central-northeast part of the Jaipur city, which is laid in a unique pattern with wide avenues. It is a unique and special complex of several courtyards, buildings, pavilions, gardens, and temples. A beautiful fusion of Mughal and Rajput architecture, the palace is still home to the last ruling royal family which lives in a private section of the palace. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II is credited with building most of the structures, but it was expanded upon by later rulers as well. We will also be doing a walk around the old city visiting the beautiful Jagdeesh temple and you can enjoy a boat ride in the Lake if you wish. This is going to be a relaxing day enjoying the vibe of the city with some market strolling. Evening at leisure.


ACCOMMODATION Hotel Little garden guest house orsimilar


MEALS: Breakfast

Day 14: Udaipur - Delhi

You can visit the beautiful monsoon palace today after breakfast and hop around the cafes as we leave for Delhi early evening. It is an excellent train with good beds for an overnight journey and get ready for the last adventure of the trip. You can also enjoy a handson cooking class run by a local lady.


ACCOMMODATION Overnight in train


MEALS: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 15: Delhi

We will reach early morning in delhi and transfer back to our hotel. You will get a day room for freshening up and after breakfast, at check in time, you can rest at the hotel. Day is at leisure, you can explore Delhi or do some day tours, your guide would be pleased to arrange it. This is the last night of the trip and we will end it with a special group dinner.


ACCOMMODATION Hotel Taj Princess or similar


MEALS: Breakfast

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