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The Mentawai's Surf Adventure

This trip we will be heading WAY off-the-beaten-track on a wild and rough journey to the Mentawai’s.. famous for its world-class surfing waves, jungle islands and strong indigenous culture. Its a place many surfers dream of, but struggle to reach due to its vast remoteness. Your adventure-buds are tingleing right? 😉 Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and into the world of exotic island life, staying with tribal families, having limited electricity and reception, and eating local caught food.

We will be staying in traditional Indonesian wooden guest huts on the island of Siberut for a week, hosted by a local Indonesian family who will share their culture, homes and waves with us! Every day will start with yummy breakfast and coconuts, followed by a soul-soothing yoga class on the beach, and then searching for the best waves to surf till our hearts are content! This area of the Mentawai’s is nicknamed “playgrounds”, as there is HEAPS of different waves in the region you can surf, so there is almost always a good medium sized wave no matter what the wind and current. 

And the best part? You'll be surrounded by a tribe of like-minded, adventurous women who'll lift you up, cheer you on, and become lifelong friends. This journey isn't just about riding waves; it's about riding the highs of life with newfound confidence and a wicked grin! So grab your board, pack your sense of adventure, and join us for a girls' surf tour that'll make you feel alive, unstoppable, and ready to take on the world—one epic wave at a time!

After our week at the guest huts, we will take a boat to an even more remote part of the islands where we will trek away from the waves and into the jungle, to spend two nights staying with a primitive Mentawai tribe, known as the “flower-men people”. This is an ethical cultural experience where we will get to learn their way of life by living with them. Mentawai culture is imbued with a deep spirituality. They practice an animistic religion called 'Arat Sabulungan', which links the supernatural power of ancestral spirits with the nature that surrounds them in the rainforest. They believe that all objects, as well as living and inert beings, have a spiritual essence that must be respected. Some of these elements are even considered sacred.


Hosting this trip will be our WWJ surf and yoga instructors Kirsty and Meg, who are as passionate about catching waves as they are about empowering women. They'll be cheering you on, high-fiving every triumph, and turning wipeouts into belly-laugh moments that bond us even tighter. For this trip, you do need to be able to stand up comfortably on your board and have some directional control on the wave, but whether you've just nailed the pop up or a wave-riding pro, we'll meet you right where you are and propel you to the next level! 


From laughter-filled days of surf and sun to heart-to-heart connections with like-minded women, this adventure is a fusion of self-discovery, support, and boundless fun. Embrace the transformation as you gain confidence, both on the surfboard and beyond, leaving the Mentawais with unforgettable memories and a renewed zest for life.

The Details:

Duration: 12 days

Dates: October 30th - November 10th, 2023

Meeting place: Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Group size: 10

Price: $̶2̶8̶5̶0̶ 

Last Minute Sale!! 



Our home away from home...



  • Two nights hotel accommodation in Padang, Sumatra.

  • Seven nights accomodation in traditional guest huts, Masokut Island, Mentawais.

  • Two nights basic accomodation with tribe in Siberut Island, Mentawais.

  • Ferry from Padang to Mentawai return. 

  • Mentawai surfer tax

  • Daily surf lessons with female pro surf coach from Australia

  • Local Indo surf guide

  • Yoga and mindfullness classes

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, every day

  • Cultural immersion with Indigenous Mentawai tribe

Not Included:

  • Travel insurance

  • Flights to Padang

  • Surf board (byo)

Surf level:


This trip isn't for the first time surfers, however you dont have to be a pro! The Mentawai's has its biggest swell in April - July, and least swell in December - February. So we chose to travel in the shoulder season of November to still get consistent waves, but they will be a more beginner-intermediate friendly 3-5ft range. You need to be able to stand on a wave comfortably and be beginning to control your direction. Our coaches will be giving you guidance and helping you catch the waves of your dreams. 



As these islands are not very touristy, there's no surfboard rental shops, so you will need to bring your own board. Travelling with a surfboard can seem daunting, but its actually pretty fluid at airports and wont cost you much extra. Plus you get to enjoy using your own board which your already comfortable on, not a weird rental one! Just have a look on the website of the airline you are thinking of booking with and see what their fees are for oversize luggage. Often the surfboard bag is included in your normal checked luggage allowance, and if you dont have a second bag, you will only have to you pay a one-off "oversize handling fee".  (Our pro traveler tip is to stuff your surfboard bag with some clothes so you can carry more weight!) But if you are thinking of travelling with a carry on, PLUS a checked luggage, PLUS a surfboard, you may need to pay for a second piece of luggage, and the oversize handling fee.  

We recommend bringing a fun, large volume board, no bigger than 8 foot.



All of our yoga classes will be at a beginner level and no experience is required. Yoga is an amazing practise for your body, mind and soul; no level of flexibility or fitness is required, you participate to your own capabilities! 

Meeting point:


We will be meeting in Padang, Sumatra on the 30th of October at our hotel. You can arrive any time on the 30th and we will have our introductory dinner that night around 5pm. The next morning we will be waking up early to catch the 7am ferry to Mentawai Islands. The hotel details will be given to you closer to the date, and we will make a group chat so we can all be in touch before our travels begin.

Finish point:


We will return on the ferry back to Padang on the 9th of November and will have our last night back in the same hotel there, so you can book your exit flight out any time on the 10th of November.


30th October: Arrive in Padang


Todays the day your adventure begins! You can fly into Padang airport any time today and we will all meet at the hotel (to be confirmed closer). Flights from Aus will generally pass through Bali or Jakarta. Once we are all together we will go out for an welcome dinner and have a look around the city. 

31st October: Travel to Masokut Island

We will have an early morning to catch the 7am ferry across to the Mentawai islands. The ferry is a large fast boat that takes about 6 hours. Once we arrive around midday we will be met by our hosts from who will take us on their private boat to our guest huts. These huts are just meters from the beach right infront of 4 different world class surf waves. The beach is stunning white sand with reef right on the shoreline. We will settle in to our new home, and finish the day with a sunset yoga class. 

1st - 6th November: Surf, Eat, Yoga, Repeat.

Our next week will be spent waking up, checking the waves, drinking coconuts, surfing, yoga'ing, swimming, snorkelling, exploring the island, basically having the time of your life living out your island dreams! We will have fires on the beach and spend our days bonding over surfing and our lust for adventure. All meals will be provided by our hosts, so you dont need to worry about cooking or cleaning, you can just relax and enjoy the island life! 

7th November: Travel to Siberut Tribe

Eventually the time will come to say goodbye to our gorgeous guest huts and waves, and make our way over to the next island, Siberut. Here we will be met by our indigenous guide and travel on canoes into the middle of the island to meet the Flower Men tribe. The families here are excited to welcome us in and teach us about their lifestyle and cutlure.

8th November: Day with Indigenous tribe

Today will be a day you'll never forget, hiking through the Indonesian Jungle led by indigeous shamans. They will be showing you edible plants, how to make blow darts and tools, and spend the night camping with us under the stars around a campfire. We will be sleeping on basic roll out mats.

9th November: Travel back to Padang

We will say goodbye to the tribe just after breakfast and make our way by canoe back to the main ferry terminal of the Mentawais. At midday our fast boat ferry will arive to take us back to Padang. We will arrive back at Padang at about 6pm and head back to our hotel for a well deserved shower and comfy bed! Tonight dinner will be at a restaurant in Padang.

10th November: Departure

Sadly this will bring us to the end of our adventure together, but not the end of our friendships! We will have made memories and photos that will last a life time. You can fly out any time today or choose to stay longer in Padang if you are going to keep travelling.

What to bring: 

  • Summer clothes (temps will be around 30°) shorts and shirt will be fine in the day.

  • Light jacket

  • Swimmers- suitable for surfing!

  • Saron

  • Good walking shoes

  • Thongs/beach shoes

  • Reef shoes

  • Hat

  • Toiletries (bring good reef safe sunscreen)

  • Mozzie repelant - lots of it!!

  • Camera/gopro

  • Powerbank

  • Chargers

  • Water bottle

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance is compulsary for this trip, you will need to send confirmation of your insurance to before the trip begins. There are lots of different companys offering travel insurance with different prices, so do some comparing and find the insurance which fits best for you. Make sure it includes surfing and medical assistance.



All Australians can receive a VISA ON ARRIVAL. It is a super simple process, when you arrive at the Indonesian airport you will go to an immigration desk where you pay $54aud and they give you a 30 day tourist visa. You can pay this in cash or card in any currency.

Exit flight:


It is a requirement when entering Indo that you have an exit flight before arriving. They will ask to see proof of this at the airline checkin in Australia.

Covid Vaccines:


Starting on June 9, 2023, the Indonesian Government no longer requires proof of vaccination. 

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